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João Cardoso Ribeiro was born in Faifa, Castro Daire. He lives and works in Lisbon. He has a screenwriting graduation from the ESTC (Lisbon Theatre and Film School) and is a master of Communication Sciences in New Media and Web Practices by the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. He teaches project and technologies of film and video at the António Arroio Art School and develops his artistic work in the audiovisual area.

Bairro das Artes, Lisboa, 2018

Local View corresponds to five works of non-commissioned public art scattered in unexpected places by Seventh Hill of the Portuguese capital. José Batista Marques and João Cardoso Ribeiro had as reference the dynamics of tourism in Lisbon- What is the impact? What are the consequences? Is it a possibility of meeting and /or separation between cultures /people? Through these pieces we are invited to think about the transformations in photography and in the places we visit and especially in the way we view and disseminate these images. Local View is the answer to the challenge launched by Espaço produções within the scope of the Lisboa Tuk Tuk project and is included in the programming of the 9th edition of the Bairro das Artes in Lisbon.

with José Batista Marques

We are evermore stricken by the feeling of Déjà Vu. The image is more present than ever in our lives through the screens we carry with us. In this Screenagers generation, we see the same things many times, in a sort of visual vertigo that intoxicates us, limits us and conditions our time of seeing. But the feeling of repetition of a moment is, at the same time, what leads us to the perpetuation of the same images, in the palimpsest of the copy/paste easiness, which is to say, copying and working around images we like. This work is a reflection on the this feeling but is also a work about the representation of reality, in these times when looking and photographing are evermore one and the same. This is an opportunity for people to look at photography and at the inside of packages where they find their reflection, The exhibition is compound by of a set of photographies and a modular sculpture made of card boxes. There are twenty four photographies that represent situations of people looking into the inside of card boxes that are illuminated in the inside but in any of these photographs do we see what is the object these people are looking at. The modular sculpture in the walls, invites us into a discovery of what is inside each card box and it is nothing but a mirror reflecting the movement of its observers. The photographed people are observed in the gallery by people while looking into card boxes... thus closing the circle into a repetition of what is represented in the photographies. This way, we are evermore stricken by the feeling of Déjà Vu.


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